Some secrets about Reality show Bigg boss.


1. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson who was part of Bigg Boss Season 4 for just 3 days reportedly charged 2.5 crore rupees.

2. Only Bigg Boss gets a chance to see the intimacy between the inmates.Unfortunately, because of the family show clause, the scenes are edited and then shown to the public.

3. Celebrities do get their share of liquor at the show. But, in a slightly different manner. Liquor is served in Juice boxes.

4. Atul Kapoor is the man behind that mature, authoritative and sensible voice of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss Chahte hein…. ki aap sare agle season ke liye tayar ho jayein. (Bigg Boss wants.. That all of you to be ready for the next season of Bigg Boss)

Read the entire article here.
With Just 2 Days Left For Bigg Boss Season 9 To Go On Air, Here Are 9 Interesting Facts About The Reality Show – thynkfeed


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