Dadri Incident …. a Political Agenda?


Why did the incident happen?

There was a false rumour that a person in Dadri is eating or storing beef.Based on this rumour, a mob dragged him out of his home and beat him to death. Even if there was truth in the rumour, this act is clearly illegal and cannot be supported by the system.

People expressed their reasons for the outrage. Members of the mob expressed their detest of beef. However, none of this justifies the killing of a man for eating a cow. This article from Scroll puts it very cheekily.

In India, cow>human? Close to Delhi, man brutally beaten to death on rumours that he ate beef

BJP’s reaction to this incident

There had to be only one reaction to this incident – everyone should have condemned it and showed their dissent without any qualification. Like I just mentioned, nothing justifies it. But what really happened?

You Really Have To Read The Things BJP Leaders Have Said About Dadri Lynching

The above article summarises the reaction of BJP leaders over the lynching of a man over a fake rumour of beef eating. Here are certain excerpts –

Is Modi & Senior BJP leadership accountable?

Mr. Modi was not a part of the mob that went and lynched the innocent in this case. Strictly speaking, any attempt to link this with Mr. Modi has vested political interest. Nevertheless, there are certain points we must consider –

  • Relatives of BJP members have gone to a big extent. Their actions show no remorse and are still singularly rooted in the belief that the innocent man was at fault.
  • The reaction to the event should have been a total contempt of this action, with serious implications for the BJP members who had the courage to say such derogatory things on record.
  • This clearly points out to the gloomy fact that BJP members rely on the belief that they are ‘protected’ somehow.

Why has this become so imbibed in the BJP members? Surely Mr. Modi did not intend it to be so! However, the fact that it is continuing clearly shows that something is amiss.

There must be a strict message from the BJP’s top leadership dissociating itself from any such stand – supported not only by words, but also by actions, such as barring those members and taking strict actions against them for speaking such things in public.

This is how we send a message across to the society. And sadly, none of this is visible as of now. Since he is an undisputed leader of the party, Mr. Modi is accountable in that sense (in addition to his accountability as the PM)

Who is at fault in this?

A man died.

The value of human life is sadly diminishing in the country. This matter should not be taken lightly. Anybody who is directly or indirectly involved in this case must take the responsibility –

  1. Every person in that mob who participated in or supported this act is responsible
  2. The police, along with the state government, is responsible for any law and order situation in the area. Their liability cannot be diluted by pointing fingers towards the Prime Minister
  3. All the BJP local leaders who still haven’t got the message, are responsible for shamelessly neglecting the value of a human life
  4. The top BJP leadership is also responsible for failing to communicate a strict message across the party that any such act shall not be tolerated. Clearly, this includes Mr. Modi
  5. The people of the country, including you and me, are responsible for the collective downgrade of the society.

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