Bihar Election Special : Has Kejriwal disappointed people by supporting the combination of Lalu, Congress and Nitish in the Bihar election?

Kejriwal has lost all his moral grounds by supporting the Janta Parivaar in Bihar. He despised everything he stood for in last couple of years and with this move he is certainly gonna lose his core supporters. The people who supported AAP wanted a change in political system in India. It mostly comprised of youth who don’t believe in casteism but in development and change. AK promised for a change but it turns out  AAP  is no different than any other political party. Daily we hear something wrong with some of its MLAs or MPs, let alone all the drama with Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan and again with Admiral Ramdas. It vowed “We will neither take support from or support any political party“. But it turns out this any political party was BJP coz it opposes every move of BJP whether or not it is for the good. AAP has lost its anti corruption tag and now it should call itself anti-BJP party as now we see the consistent clash with LG and accusing PM for everything. I can’t spot a difference between AAP and any other party out there which just think of people as a vote bank. I was surprised when itsupported Congress while protesting against the suspensions of the MPs while it had done the same to the BJP MLAs in Delhi. Even God can’t say what his next move will be but one thing is for sure that AAP has lost its way. It needs a leader with a fixed focus on corruption and development now more than ever. In fact this country needs one.


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