Truth of Film and Television Institute Of India (FTII) – by subramaniyam swamy

Do you know that government spends Rs 12 lakh per student in FTII as compared to Rs 3.5 lakh per student in IIT?
Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) had 39 strikes in last few years with no convocation for the last 17 years and “students” who joined in 2008 still persuing their courses. Many of them have overstayed in hostel, all in the name of creativity with the help of tax payers money.
Recently an FTII student who chose to remain anonymous wrote an open letter exposing the fraud thats happening in FTII on the name of “freedom of speech”.
The student explained how a handful of “students” (hooligans) are working on an agenda which is not known in public.
The recent controversy on so called midnight crackdown on 5 students is being played by biased media reporters.

Here is what happened actually:
Latest protest at FTII by few “students” is not about Gajendra Chauhan at all. They are about students who joined in 2008 arguing that their projects can’t be assessed. Only Kejriwal knows the reason as he has offered asylum in Delhi for such students.

Students who joined in 2008 should have graduated in 2011. They are still resident on campus, with “incomplete” projects, and a student tag. FTII director wanted to assess projects of students who joined in 2008. This was termed “irrational” and triggered a gherao.
Now you people can decide whether tax payers money should be wasted on hooligans?11898682_634582350014750_4479225506084029651_n


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