New 10 Features of Windows 10

MICROSOFT this morning drew back the curtain on the operating systems  by kicking off Windows 10 with a mob of business-friendly features and  also with some surprises.
Microsoft is breaking down the Windows Phone and Windows RT borders  of its operating system, and with this breaks we all are expecting that,  Microsoft has made a sure shot approach toward connecting its devices  more seamlessly to become a part of its universal apps program. The big  surprise, however, was Microsoft’s bust into virtual reality, with its  HoloLens glasses, an approach to create a system for overlaying  holographic images over the real world.
The charms of Windows 10, sparkling

Windows 10, starting is different

Microsoft’s Windows 10 with its feasibility to work over mobile  devices and PCs are now coming with new start menu that expands to look  like Windows 8’s home screen and a new Action Center where you can quick  toggle settings.

Windows 10, Cortana for desktop

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, is coming to the PC.  Long available on mobile, Cortana will now live next to the start  button on the task bar and serve as a natural-language interface for  Windows 10. Cortana for desktop can, however, do everything its desktop  counterpart can, meaning: reminders, call people with Skype, check my  location/maps, play/pause music, launch apps, check the weather and  more.

Windows 10, Multitasking with Snap Windows

Microsoft will also introduce a proper multitasking feature called  “Task View” which will show nicely sized four preview windows of your  running apps. Again, this works with both touch and conventional control  inputs – either a swipe from the left of the screen with your finger,  or clicking on the taskbar with a mouse. Naturally this is aimed at  desktops and tablets rather than phones.

Windows 10, The end of Internet Explorer. Say hello to Project Spartan

Spartan is a cleaner browser with a lot of shiny new features and  integration with other Microsoft services. Spartan has “note-taking  mode” that lets you draw all over pages with a stylus or add comments  with a keyboard, then save the results on OneNote. A clean “reading  mode” does what you might expect. Spartan has Cortana built into it,  contextually recognizing information like restaurants or plane flights  and offering extra information.

Windows 10, Your PC is now your Xbox

Microsoft owns a vast majority of the computer gaming market. And now  announced an Xbox app for launch on every Windows 10 machine. The app  brings over Xbox One features like your messages, friends list, and  activity feed. You’ll be able to chat with people on Xbox Live and view  console achievements and videos from your desktop, as well as record  your own clips on PC.

Windows 10, The amazing Command Prompt

Another quite amazing feature for those of us that use it is that the  command prompt is now getting keyboard shortcuts! So you will be able  to paste in your commands! Hardly groundbreaking, but actually pretty  exciting.

Windows 10, Continum – the special one

This is the best new thing we found out today. Continum is an  on-the-fly mode for 2 in 1 devices that can automatically change mode if  it detects there is suddenly no keyboard attached. It is designed to  make the switch from keyboard and mouse to touchscreen seamless.

Windows 10, A bigger role for OneDrive

OneDrive was everywhere in Microsoft’s presentation. It formed the  backbone of its unified apps, allowing documents to sync across devices.  Microsoft’s teased a larger role for OneDrive in photos and music, will  sync between devices using OneDrive.

Windows 10, Universal apps

Windows Universal apps are the new name for Metro apps/Modern  apps/Windows Store apps. Windows 10 is a single platform and interface  across PCs, wearables, phones, tablets etc. and will be able to run on  all devices from phones to servers and there will be a single app store  across the lot.

Windows 10, Surface hub and Windows Holographic

This is an unexpected—hardware announcement from Microsoft: Windows  Holographic will build 3D imaging into Windows 10, which can be  experienced using the HoloLens headset. The company’s rolling out the  Surface Hub, an 84-inch, 4K, touch-enabled display for office  collaboration.
Microsoft has left us with some big things to think about. Its vision  of tomorrow’s ideal operating system is grander still with the goal to  offer a unified experience across devices of all shapes and sizes. It’s  trying to safely move away from the failures of Windows 8 and Windows  Phone. But Hope with Windows 10, Microsoft seems to be getting right.

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