Reality Check : #Porn_BAN in India

This has got to be the worst decision of the present government till date. And the manner in which it is being carried out is a huge blow to the fundamental idea of democracy itself.

I have 3 main arguments against it:

#1: The subject of the ban: Porn websites. Really? Does the government think if it can ban a few major websites, people will stop watching porn? There’s VPN.

And why porn? Is it bad? Harmful? Immoral?

I am not sure who suggested/spearheaded this needs to get rid of that 70s degree and step into the real world.

What will happen if people watch porn? Will it dramatically increase their libido(Sex drive)? Will it suppress their morality?

I mean, for  sake, we gave the world the leading treatise on sex. It’s a part of our glorious history.

#2: The effectiveness of bans itself: Anyone with basic exposure to economics will know that bans seldom work. In fact, in many cases, it has the exact opposite effect. A few states have already banned beef. Kerala banned liquor. But that is not going to stop people from procuring it. It will only lead to the rise of illegal markets.

#3: The shameful manner in which it was carried out: I am sure that last night when I went to sleep, we were still a democracy. May be there was some disturbance in the space-time continuum. May be someone travelled back to the past and altered something, triggering a chain reaction which finally culminated in India becoming a dictatorship.smut


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