Prediction : BIHAR Assembly Election 2015

The main cut throat competition will be Janta Parivar(JDU+RJD) v/s BJP.Other parties will play a pivot role in forming alliances.Lalu took a clever step by supporting JDU because he knows he shall lose on a large scale.The Modi wave is popular but definitely not the most popular.Also, you will notice that Modi has abstained from Bihar somewhere.Congress is almost wiped out of the whole country and Bihar is no exception.

It was Nitish Kumar who brought safety,upliftment and growth of Bihar and trust me after Lalu’s era it was not easy.Nitish Kumar has more vote bank and faith of the commoners now after Jitaram Manjhi’s debacle as CM.

I personally don’t agree with his political methodologies and principles(eg:Smart move of resigning and appointing a big flop like Jitaram Manjhi thereby gaining the support, break alliance with BJP )  but no one can deny that he uplifted Bihar after Lalu looted the state for almost decades.

Although In Lok Sabha elections, JDU was wipped off by BJP so it will be really interesting to see Janta parivar v/s BJP.

Still I predict Nitish Kumar will emerge victorious.


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