Story: Lalit Modi Scandal #LalitGate and Pankaja munde #Chikki_Scam

Lalit Modi scam:
Impropriety have been proven undeniably in both cases so its indefensible.Let’s split the cases:

Sushma Swaraj: It’s unfortuanted that just after being named the best minister (Sushma Swaraj ‘best’ minister in Modi government: Survey – The Times of India)her name gets dragged into this controversy.The right thing to do would be for Modi to sack her but we all ,by now,know that’s not gonna happen – for one she has RSS backing also since Modi-Shah duo have kept most veterans out of the club there aren’t many capable leader’s who could replace her.
For now her cross-party rapport will sure come handy – ‘No. Won’t Target Sushma Swaraj’: Opposition ‘Pact’ That Excludes Congress

Vasundhara Raje: Again like the previous case the right thing to do would be to sack her.But unlike in Sushma’s case where i mentioned Modi should sack Sushma (as he was dealing with his own cabinet meber) i believe he should let the party take a call on Raje. By now we know that party is rallying behind her – the reason is simple – if Raje get’s the axe – Gehlot will slip back in Rajasthan not to mention there is a possibility of her even splitting the party.

Maharashtra Scams (Pankaja Munde/Vinod Tawde):
I really don’t know if these allegations have any substance after hearing point by point rebuttal but i do believe as first time ministers they must take things slowly and tread with caution going forward.
If government’s version is to be believed -The scam was unfounded as the order was placed  on (Feb ’15) before the e-tendering system came online (Apr ’15). Also Chikki scam: Relief for Pankaja Munde as lab tests come clean – Video | The Times of India


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