BIGGEST SCANDAL 2015 : “Lalit Modi – Sushma swaraj – Vasundhra raje “

Cricket is big business, It is a perfect example of crony capitalism . This often is the reflection of the real political scenario in india. Sample this On Sept 6, 2013, BCCI’s three-member committee consisting of Jyotiraditya Scindia (Congress) and Arun Jaitley(BJP) accused Modi of several charges of irregularities.

What exactly is the “lalit Modi” case
Scam 1– TV rights of around 4900 Crores allegedly awarded to WSG ( A mauritius based company) the following questions arise, Considering that SONY eventually has the IPL rights.

– Why should a Mauritius based company hold Rs 5000 crores of TV value without paying a single penny in advance?

– Why was the bank guarantee of Rs 350 crores that was supposed to be given by WSG on March 23rd, 2009, never paid?

– How did Mauritian company walk away with Rs 425 crores?

– What did the Mauritian company do to walk away with the money a day after the rights came back to BCCI?

– Why did Lalit Modi give emails to Sony asking them to negotiate with Venu Nair to win back the rights when WSG had no such global rights?

– Do the emails of Lalit Modi prove that he was willingly deceiving Sony in negotiation with WSG?

Scam No. 2:

The second scam relates to Timeouts introduced by Modi in IPL2. In IPL 2, 600 seconds of extra time were introduced as strategic timeouts. Strangely for rest of world rights, contract did not include these 600 secs. BCCI allegesModi caused loss of revenue worth crores to Board.

Scam No. 3:

The third scam is the Advertisements within Balls scam. Lalit Modiintroduced the idea of 150 seconds of ads within balls. Modi handed this without tender to Pioneer Digagsis run by former Sony chief Kunal Dasgupta. BCCI alleges Modi indulged in favouritism hurting Board’s interests.

Scam No. 4:

The fourth scam is being called the Security van scam. IPL awards contract to Visual Impact headed by Ajay Verma. Contract is to supply 3 vans at Rs 5 crores. Contract further said 4 more vans to be provided over next 7 years. BCCI alleges Modi did not follow due process while awarding contract. BCCI alleges Modi hired IPL security vans at 3 times their market value.

The following people are named (- Venu Nair, Group Director, WSG ,Harish Krishnamachar, Vice President, WSG ,Seamus O’ Brien, Director, WSG)

Since this deal was done outside india there are FEMA voilations too.

Apart from this– As recent as 2015, The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is in the process of serving final penalty notices in 16 alleged forex violation cases amounting to an estimated Rs 1,700 crore against former IPL chairman Lalit Modi and others as part of its wide-ranging probe in the alleged financial irregularities in various editions of the T-20 cricket extravaganza.

To make matters worse, the man is absconding and is a wanted man in india, there is a blue corner notice on him as on date. He has never faced any indian court/institution.

He is back in limelight since this scam is raising lots of questions on the current government invovlement. There are serious instances of missuse of office and conflict of interest and seetheart deals.

  • Sushma Swaraj ( Union Minister for foriegn Affairs)- Breaks standard procedures and facilitate lalit modis travel  ,claims humanitarian grounds. What queers the pitch —-Her husband Swaraj kaushal is a Pro-Bono lawyer for lalit modi since 22 odd years, Same with daughter Bansuri Swaraj providing legal service to lalit modi.
  • Vasundhara Raje- Conceals the attestation to lalit modi ,In fact ” attestation under condition that this would not be revealed to indian government” this is simply Missuse of office. Add to this Son Dushyant benifits around 13 Crore in terms of share sale to lalit modi ( A Rs 10 rupee share at a premium of 96,000 per share). In a company that does not have revenue source.

As quoted by omar abdulla , Wonder how many people will lalit modi throw under the bus. The worst is not over


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