My personal views on the various schemes of PM Modi: Take it Easy…it’s just my opinion… may be  optimistic but still I am entitled to wear my opinion. Isn’t it?

Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padata hai” (No country is perfect, it has to be made perfect) – From one of my favourite movie Rang de Basanti

I am presenting my views on the various schemes of PM Modi as follow:

Make in India

Our current PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, is putting sincere effort to transform the way in which business is done in India. He is travelling to various countries to make strategic partnership with them. He is promoting his pet Initiative, Make in India, which is well received by CEOs of most of the MNCs. Many feel these are just gimmicks which are not yielding any results. But, I would politely differ as I feel that we have to wait and watch as Rome was not built in a day.

Land Acquisition Bill

Land Acquisition is a major bottleneck to kick start major developmental projects. The initiative to pass land bill is crucial for the success of Make in India because I  have seen, faced, experienced and  understand how projects gets delayed just because of unavailability of land.

Hope to millions of Indians (#RayofHope)

We must never lose hope. And, I believe that someday India will be a developed country. Every day I am learning about new startups and entrepreneurs in India, and they make me believe that India is going to evolve into one of the most desirable places to do a business. Black money and red-tape have to be the thing of the past. We have to move ahead without them.

Mass Opening of Bank Accounts for poor and marginalized section of the society ( Jhan Dhan Yojna )

My father is a banker and I know how painstakingly he opened account of several marginalized people under the Jan Dhan Yojna. This is one of the most mocked schemes of the present government. Many argue that people don’t have money, what they will do of Bank Account. I feel that the Bank Account will connect them with the mainstream. The poor can get the subsidy money in their account directly and many benefits can reach them directly. I firmly believe that 10-15 years down the line this will be considered as one of the milestone decision. Just to quote an example, when Graham Bell invented Telephone many felt that it was not of much use. It was so because people couldn’t envisage from the old prototype of telephone that it could transform the way people would interact in future.

Personal Insurance for all for life cover and accidental cover ( Pradhan Mantri Beema Yojana)

Many people of our country don’t have insurance cover. In fact I haven’t taken any policy for myself but I am covered by the policy taken by my employer. So, I give a thumb up to these policies from government.

Life cover for approximately 1 rupee per day and Accidental insurance cover for 1 rupee per month is available for every citizen of India. Anyone can avail this facility from the bank where you are having your saving account. Detailed terms and conditions must be read and understood before proceeding further.

#CleanIndiaCampaign (SwachaBharatAbhiyan)

It is often shrugged as photo-ops or gimmick. But, I would be delighted if this gimmick is creating a positive change. I am feeling proud every time I don’t throw a wrapper here and there and would carry it in my pocket to dispose it in a dustbin. It all happened because of a sense of belongingness to this campaign of clean India. We all want things to change but seldom think that we have to be the change we want to bring in this world.
Digital India and Selfies

We all are entitled for our opinion, hence I will voice mine that I support the #SelfieWithDaughter and many other so-called gimmicks. Because, the middle class and internet savvy people are also as Indian as extremely rich and poor of this country. What is the harm in creating awareness? I never heard anything bad about #IceBucketChallenge. Why this double standard? You have right to protest but please compel the government to do more ground works for the upliftment of women and girls. Focus on that rather than criticizing harmless, if not useful (as per some) initiative like #SelfieWithDaughter which was not started by PM Modi. This was started by a Sarpanch of Haryana, where boys to girls ratio is disturbing. PM Modi liked the idea and had pat for it in his Man ki baat.

Promoting Social networking and innovative communication tools which were thought to be outdated.
Now Man Ki baat is another aspect I want to touch- PM is communicating with the masses. He has taken the initiative to reach out directly to the countrymen and it’s commendable. He is trying to connect with the Youth and I think it is a good sign and will be a good precedence for the future governments to follow. You can say that he is doing marketing. But Marketing is equally important as other aspects. It is the right of the PM to interact with the Countrymen in what so ever mode he or she chose. Now, is it his fault that TV and Radios have been ignored for decades as a deadly tool to connect with masses.

Why everyone must understand the following things:

For those who have a different opinion – I have high regards for all of you, because we are a democratic country and everyone is entitled to wear their opinion. You all are equally required to show reality to optimists and in fact, good things can’t happen without your contributions. Love you all! Keep it up. Only request will be to target wrong polices rather than protesting for the sake of it.
Please don’t make a mountain out of molehill. Our people are innocent; they get confused by so many contradicting viewpoints when they all seem correct and logical. Take the protest for Land Bills for example. Please take care of the needs of the Farmers.  Why don’t you propose to prefer waste land for land acquisition for a project rather than a fertile land in the constituency of a prominent person.

Propose solutions and out of the box ideas which inspire the government to act on them. At the end of day, in a democracy it’s for the people, by the people, of the people.
This country equally belongs to poor, middle class and rich:The government policies should cater to everyone irrespective of their social strata.

India is a fresh pasture ground for the developed countries (Milking Cows). Just by taking some wise decisions by keeping in mind the national interest and long term vision, we can transform the opportunities ahead of us. I request each and every one to have trust in the present leadership of our country. I have faith that something spectacular is in the making. We just have to hold our breath and have some patience.

Advice to my Social Media Friends-Many feels that they are harassed for voicing their opinion on social networks. My friends, it is not a sign of our cultural and national heritage. Why can’t we ignore comments or statements which are not in line with our belief. Why people are denied the right to free speech. I am sorry but free speech means freedom to express one’s opinion without getting trolled.

I read the interview of one actress, some Seth who has been trolled for her opposition to #SelfieWithDaughter. I feel sad to know that she has been targeted by some people on Twitter because of difference in opinion. Although, I personally vouch in favor of #SelfieWithDaughter but I am against personal attack on someone with a different opinion. As a matter of fact, I too disagree with the actress but that cannot be the reason of me joining the band to troll her. She is also someone’s wife, daughter or friend.

India has a culture of Tolerance. We have been taught thatAhimsha parmo dharma (Non- Violence is the highest religion) and that World is a Family. Please don’t troll anyone anywhere.

So, whether you agree or disagree with me…. You are still my own. We all belong to one community called “Indian”. Jai Hind!

Disclaimer- India is the only religion that I follow and the above piece is my personal opinion so you have all rights to disagree and I respect views of everyone. My views are not the only way of seeing things and they don’t endorse any individual or party.


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