PM Modi : Skill India Mission

Why Skill India can be a game changer? Few Facts

  • Many people in our country are unemployed, underemployed, seasonally employed or part time employed.
  • I sincerely feel that their financial situation can be improved if they are given proper vocational training.
  • They can learn different skills & can be self employed by the successful implementation of Skill India Campaign

How Skill India can overcome the problem of shortage of skilled workforce?

  • First of all, a person’s skills, interest and ambition to be understood to impart them training for a job best suited to them.
  • I sincerely believe in sustainable development. What I feel that a person should be trained to get job locally.  However if one is not getting suitable job locally then one must go to distant location & get suitable jobs anywhere else.
  • Every place has a value. Some have potential to become a agriculture base, some can be promoted as a tourist spot, some have art & culture marvel. We can develop a place based on its core competency. Hence we can generate employment & by imparting vocational training to people we can help in sustainable development.
  • Skill India will help in proper development of villages, towns and cities as it will ensure development of all types of places and at the other end it will save the cities from overpopulation which makes live of one and all miserable.

Skills or jobs regarding which vocational training can be imparted through Skill India:

Although the list is endless and I would love to hear from all of you on this. Still I have made a list of skills which can be imparted through Skill India

  • Spoken English- Teach them to learn to spoke in English as if will open a lot of opportunities as supporting staffs  in MNCs.
  • Writing skills (just given our office assistant an writing exercise to write about himself, his family & his home  when he was idle). Youth must be trained to write basic english.
  • Computer skills like MS Office, checking & sending Emails, browsing internet & learning to do things like booking a rail ticket online etc
  • Teaching specialised art/skills based on  a person skill set which can fetch money with little investment, example- making candle, become a tailor etc
  • Basic Maths for day to day use We must strive to help needy people. It will surely make you feel good to bring smile on someone face. Be good and do good things without any motive or with higher motive and believe me it will bring more peace, happiness & bliss in your life.
  • Help our Farmers Tips and Tricks to increase productivity of our farms. Help them earn more and live a decent life.
  • Develop more Mentors for our Students  There is a shortage of genuine career counscellor, life coach, Psychologist and many other who can provide proper guidance to students. Many students are deprived of proper guidance. Offer something courses to the Engineers, Doctors, Architects, etc so that they can be mentor or counscellor for our Young Brigade.
  • Many people are good at Language. They can be taught various languages and they can act as a Language Translator. Our country has so many languages and will provide them wonderful opportunity to live a decent life by working as Tourist Guides, Instructor for Language class, etc.
  • Encourage Entrepreneurship- Provide set up, scholarship and financial aid to those who have brilliant idea. They can transform the landscape of India.
  • Teach we all how to behave– Many a times, I am ashamed by the fact that I am a boy just because of the crime committed by others from the fraternity. Make our boys realize their moral and social responsibility, irrespective of class , caste or religion.

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