Reality Check : END OF VVIP RACISM #EndVIPraj

No I don’t think we should end the VVIP culture, instead the govt should try to end the misuse of VVIP culture. The privileges they are get are deserved by them. It’s the fact that they misuse those privileges is of main concern.

What are the privileges they get :-

1.) Free Business class tickets :- According to a survey in 2005 the median age of an Indian Politician is 57.7 years. I don’t think they will be really well after they travel in economy class. I mean they are the Member of the Parliament, they rightly deserve to travel in Business Class afterall they aren’t travelling for their personal work.

2.) They are exempted from frisking at the airports :- This is a myth propagated by media that they are exempted from frisking. There isn’t any law that prevents politicians from getting frisked instead the thing is that the security personals do not frisk them for the fear of losing their job.

3.) They are getting 5 star accommodation which costs the government 7000 rupees a day  :- Yes its true they are allotted 5 star hotels  accommodations, but now-a-days even the modest hotels in Delhi costs around 4000 rupees. Those hotels are in not even in Central Delhi. Just think what’ll happen if for the sake of saving a few thousand  bucks the MP is not able to attend the Parliament. Why won’t he able to attend the Parliament well because of the Traffic. Now whats happens next yeah the traffic will halt in order to make way for the MP and then the Media goes nuts. More over just think of the security concern’s the police personnel will have to face.

4.) They are stopping traffic :-  Yeah they are, I mean they have the right to make the traffic stop to make way for them. But this is for if we ever face a emergency. If there is bomb blast somewhere then the MP, MLA’s and the Civil servants can’t just wait for the traffic to get cleared. At those crucial moments causing inconvenience to the public is of the least concern.

There are many more such arguments that I can provide in favor of the VVIP culture. And I urge my fellow Indian’s to not oppose the VVIP culture.
I say let oppose the VVIP menace.

As I pointed out that there is nothing wrong with the VVIP culture  the problem lies in the misuse of their power.

They get 5 star accommodation – No problem, but that doesn’t mean that they stay there for months.
They have the right to stop the traffic to make way for them :- But that doesn’t mean they can stop the traffic for shopping saree for their wife. I mean from where the hell do they gather the courage to do such things.

In short they govt instead of abolishing the privileges should draft laws to prevent the misuse of the law. For example the MP should have to made answerable for why he stopped the traffic. Everytime they block the traffic they must submit to the ministry on what was the reason to block the traffic. Suppose if it is found out that he stopped the traffic for shopping sarees for his wife then they shall be punished with his membership cancelled and with a fine or even a prison term.


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