Reality check – Land acquisition bill : is it anti – farmer bill?

Land acquisition is mainly for these govt sectors, not Corporates
1. Defence:For troops, storage of missiles etc
2. Rural infrastructure: Govt Schools& Hospitals,Transformers,pumping stations etc
3. Affordable housing:Every Indian rich or poor should have own home, to reduce urban slums
4. Industrial corridors:Corridors set up by the govt& govt  undertakings for job creation and the farmers to sell their produce

Priority of Acquisition:
1. First Govt owned land to be used for projects
2. Next waste land
3. If the above two don’t work, only then farmer land will be acquired.
Current Situation:
Developmental,infrastructure &industrial projects worth crores of rupees are delayed due to hurdles in land acquisition.
This deprives millions of landless people of job opportunities and forces them to migrate to urban slums to look for livelihood

Benefits to farmers:
1. Farmers get 4 times the value of land as compensation
2. Authorizes farmers to sell their properties at the price set by them
3. They don’t fall a prey to real estate speculators
3. One govt job for one person in the family who has given their land
4. Most small farmers are looking for other sources of income as they are not able to feed their family

Benefit to nation in general:
Expedition of infrastructure projects,like railways,highways &power plants
Millions of young people get jobs, mainly in rural area, stops migration
Solves the biggest problem of agriculture:Irrigation-which can stop farmer suicides

Who it does not benefit???
1. Land sharks and land mafia who don’t want to let go of their land
2. Politicians calling themselves “farmers” and owning huge amount of land
3. NGOs who dont want this country to develop

Now you know why Political parties are opposing it!


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