Reality Check : How India is helping Nepal Earthquake victim ?

Firstly, I would like to express my Sincere Condolences to All those affected Adversely by this quake in Nepal.
India is doing it’s level best to support Nepal. A Massive rescue effort is on way to help nepal deal with this tragic disaster which has claimed over a thousand people. Here are some photos of the rescue missions-
1. IAF’s IL-76 aircraft en-route to Kathmandu: MoD on Nepal earthquake relief operations

2. Indian railway dispatches 1 lakh Rail neer bottles per day tonepal

3.NDRF Teams are send to Nepal to help out the affected people.

10 NDRF teams sent to Nepal, four on standby in India, says Rijiju

Surprisingly Baba Ramdev who was organizing a Yoga camp has decieded to stay back and help with relief work.

Once again India is at the forefront of rescue efforts. Another feather in  India’s proverbial cap after the Brilliance missions in Yemen. I feel proud that India is taking it’s role as the peacekeeper of the Region seriously and is helping Nepal in it’s darkest hour. As Indians this is our Finest hour. So Puff your Chest up with pride and say Jai Hind!!

Read more-
Earthquake LIVE update: At least 1,500 feared dead in Nepal, India mounts massive rescue operation


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