Reality check : Farmer committed suicide in AAP raly .

Who committed suicide?Was he really a farmer? Or a poor man?

Let’s fact check!

The 41 year Gajendra Singh from Dausa, Rajasthan comes from a family which owns 10 acres of land including Gooseberry orchard and teak plantation. He was also an expert at tying turbans at political rallies and marriage functions, where he once caught the attention of Amar Singh, the former Samajwadi Party bigwig. He would charge upto Rs 500 for tying a single turban in peak tourist season.

So much for poverty!

Who really is Gajendra Singh now?

Gajendra Singh has always been a political animal. He had always fancied himself as a leader of farmers and could always be spotted around political rallies and meetings. He was a good enough orator too. He had fought the 2003 elections on a Samajwadi Party ticket and lost (remember he caught the attention of Amar Singh). He was associated with them until the 2013 Rajasthan polls when he wanted to contest on a Congress ticket and was denied one. Since then he has been all praise for Arvind Kejriwal and had been getting closer to the Aam Aadmi Party. One of the relatives also claimed that he met with Delhi deputy CM Manish Sishodia hours before the rally!

1) Farmer Who Hanged Himself at AAP Rally Had Once Contested an Election
2) What we know about Gajendra Singh
3) Suicide at AAP rally: Working on father’s 25 bighas, he would tie turbans for a living

AAP and Theatrics and Controversies:
AAP and its theatrics would make Raju Hirani proud. Somebody slaps Kejriwal, somebody throws black ink, somebody else throws a shoe and another one commits suicide.

Once is a charm, twice a coincidence! But over and over again? Every rally or a roadshow sees one controversy or the other.

Makes you wonder whether every single thing’s planned, plotted and planted!

If the man was really a poor farmer without political affiliations and wanted to make a statement, he could very well have chosen Rahul Gandhi’s rally held a few days back. That event was publicised on a much larger scale than this one!

Events at the rally:
AAP is a party run by volunteers, a commonly accepted fact. They are quick to strike down anyone who throws ink on a party leader. They can downvote answers on Quora, start trends on Twitter and are genuine followers of Kejriwal. They would have saved the person who was atop a tree for very long and threatening to commit suicide, unless explicitly instructed not to do so.

Here’s a few images of Kejriwal while the drama was going on:

Source: The Frustrated Indian

Two conclusions can be derived from this image:
a) Kejriwal is insensitive;
b) Kejriwal knows this is just a drama and things are under control.
I am going with option b) here.

Because, there has been news from various sources that the man was in touch with the AAP leadership and this was all a political stunt which failed miserably.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the various sources was that it was not intended to be a suicide. The guy would have done some posturing and the volunteers would have saved him in time. Arvind Kejriwal would have been portrayed as a Messiah of  farmers and Gajendra Singh would have kickstarted a political career. The volunteers were a couple of minutes late which resulted in this tragedy.

Post incident action, reaction and conjectures:

AAP supporter(AAP S): What should Kejriwal have done when the suicide incident happened?
Me: Stop the rally there and then.

AAP S: But Modi didn’t stop his Patna rally. Why should Kejriwal have done so?
Me: Comparing the two incidents is false equivalence.

AAP S: Why is it so?
Me: Because Modi didn’t play politics over the event whereas Kejriwal did so.

AAP S: How can you say so?
Me: Modi didn’t mention about the blast even once in his rally, lest people panic. He attacked the Congress, Lalu and Nitish Kumar’s Governmental policies but never mentioned about the blast even once.
Whereas Kejriwal played politics over the issue repeatedly stressing that the Delhi Police is at fault here and he couldn’t do anything about it since Delhi Police is under the rule of the Centre.

AAP S: But Delhi Police is not under Kejriwal. He is helpless.
Me: Maybe, but he’s guilty of hypocrisy.

AAP S: How is it hypocrisy?
Me: Remember the Nirbhaya gang rape case, Shiela Dikshit said the same thing i.e. Delhi Police is not under Delhi Government, yet it was Kejriwal who had attacked Shiela then saying that she couldn’t maintain law and order in Delhi and this is just an excuse.
Now that he is in power, he is giving the exact same excuse that Shiela did and got blamed for by him!

Playing political blame game over a tragedy is the greatest mistake that AAP and Kejriwal committed.

Media and Police are at fault too:
The media could have saved the person if they wanted. But that wouldn’t enable them TRPs to sustain 2 months. There’s an excellent Bollywood flick “Peepli Live”, which deals with the modus operandi of the media under such situations.
Having said that we don’t have high hopes from our media. Do we?

The Police could have taken prompt action too and acted in time. But that’s not what our Police is famous for!

The AAP, Media and Police are all to blame here!

Land Ordinance Bill, Crop Failure and Farmer suicides:
Now let’s address the root cause of this entire fiasco, the Land Ordinance Bill.

The opposition has been playing this issue up saying that these suicides are due to the Land Ordinance Bill. They can’t be more wrong.

These are incidents of crop failure and inadequate compensation, not Land Ordinance. In fact, Land Ordinance has got nothing to do with crop failures and farmer suicides.

Crop failures and Farmer suicides are highly condemnable events. But this is not an overnight phenomenon. If there is one problem that has been persisting since 1947, it’s the case of farmer suicides. While I agree that our agricultural policy, agricultural output regulation, loan waiver schemes and compensation in case of crop failure are not up to the mark and need to be rectified; it’s not a Land Ordinance issue.

And we know who to blame for all the follies in our agricultural policies. Yes, it’s the Congress who have ruled the country for about 60 years. Let’s also hope that the current Modi Government brings the required changes in our agricultural policy.

The Land Ordinance Bill is not as draconian as it’s claimed to be. But that’s a different topic altogether!


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