Yemen Crisis (April 2015 #Trending Topic) and why everyone leaving yemen.

The saudi supported Sunni ruling government was dethroned by Shia Houthis rebel with believed support from Iran. It infuriated saudia which is’int happy with increasing Iranian influence in the region. So, it formed a coalition and started bombarding Yemen (Houthi rulers).
In short, Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting against each other through proxy means and Yemen is the puppet.

I guess this image answers it all.
Sushma Swaraj is the current Minister of External Affairs of India. She is personally looking into evacuating Indians and foreign nationals from Yemen where as, many other have not bothered at all to evacuate people of their countries.

For example, a State Department official said the U.S. government, which is providing logistical support for the Saudi campaign, believes it is too dangerous to risk a military operation to rescue Americans. “There are no current U.S. government-sponsored plans to evacuate private U.S. citizens from Yemen,” the official said. “We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely.”

Read more here: U.S. reiterates it won’t evacuate Americans from Yemen as UN slams Saudi attacks

Q. Why everyone leaving yemen?
  1. Houthis are Zaydi (Shia) and attacking the Yemen who is Sunni majority, with around 30-40% are Shia. Because they think government is biased towards Shias. Although Ali Saleh, the former president who resigned in 2011 after Yemini revolution was a Zaydi like them.
  2. Houthis think the government is biased towards Shias because the government is majority Sunni and has great relations with Saudi Arabia which is a Sunni country.
  3. Houthis are influenced from Iran. Iran is traditional rival of Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia is Sunni while Iran is biggest Shia majority country in middle east.
  4. Iran provides training and weapons to Houthis, they are anti-US. They support the Houthis as Iran is Shia and Yemen has close relations with Saudi Arabia, both Saudi Arabia and Yemen being more Sunni. Iran completely supports the Houthis.
  5. Some people say this is an all out war between Shia and Sunni.
  6. Saudi Arabia being big time ally of Yemen, provided help to president Hadi who left the country after resignation after coup in 2015 by launching attacks on Yemen people.
  7. Former President Ali Saleh who resigned in 2011, is said to support the Houthis.
  8. Yemen also has Al-Queda insurgency. Many places are also controlled by al-queda.
  9. Houthis are formed since long time and have been a problem since 2004. As said before, they think government is biased but Ali Saleh, the former president was also one of the same sects of Shia Muslim.
  10. Saudi Arabia launched attack since 25 March. Since, President Hadi and Yemen had good relations with Saudi Arabia.

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