What is Net Neutrality is about?
Right now people add a monthly pack of 1 GB
for say Rs.150. With that 1GB you can call
anyone on skype, whatsapp or any VoIP based
app. So basically you can see and do
whatever you want on the internet untill you
pay for data pack.
But now companies want to regulate the
internet by adding extra package for Whatsapp
or Skype or VoIP calling. So you’ll have to pay
extra Rs.50 for WhatsApp, Rs.100 for Skype
app. Your total data pack will be
Rs.150(Base data pack) = Rs.300/month.
(Pricing my vary)
The analogy: You pay electricity bill and use
any applications you want, the electric board
has no right to tell you that there can’t be 2
TVs in a single house. This is exactly what the
telecom providers are doing.
We need to stand united from caging the
internet from money minting MNCs, Kindly
share and spread the knowledge about
‪#‎NetNeutrality‬ to your near and dear ones.


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