Does cheating in the Bihar Board exams expose that the Indian education system is seriously flawed?

1. In my opinion even though the Indian education system has numerous flaws and requires improvement, that is not a relevant discussion for this question. Exams happen everywhere in the world, and students write answers to questions based on what is taught in class. Agreed the Indian education system promotes rote learning and is based on facts rather than imagination, but that is in no way an excuse for what was witnessed in the Bihar board exams.

2. Parents always want their children to do well. A small fraction of them are enlightened enough to promote fair play and make the children work harder for better marks than to make them cheat and all others are scared of the repercussions involved if they are caught cheating. The authorities should make sure the consequences of cheating are severe and the students and parents know the future would be doomed if they are caught cheating. Bihar education minister making statement like ” Fair examinations in the state are not possible” will not help the examination scene in the state and I don’t see any reason the parents and students won’t do it next year, except for the fear of media coverage. And what I am also sure of is that 515 students would not have been expelled for cheating, had the issue not caught media’s attention.

3. The case depicts the marriage of lax examination authorities and opportunist parents in Bihar, and is a case of heinous display of audacity and stupidity of parents to help children in a crime, and not realise that exams will come and go, but they are promoting a habit of immorality and lack of fair play among their children, which will influence their character and affect their ethics. Even if they become doctors or IAS officers in future through cheating, they will be caught someday when their malpractices are noticed.


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