Why did Narendra Modi launch ‘Make in India’ and not ‘Made in India’ or ‘Made by India’?

“Made in India and Made By India” implies all the technology which is actually of any worth behind the actual product is indigenous. As “Made in Japan” signifies that the product was not just manufactured in Japan but the technology behind it is Japanese and not American or European.

“Make in India” does not announce to the world when they see the finished product as this is an “Indian Product” but an invitation to other companies that have such technology to set up plants and manufacturing units and use the Indian labour to produce their product in India at lower costs. Make in India is to generate employment and help develop skills of Indian citizens.

Example : Iphones are “Made in America” product because the technology and designs for product is provided by Apple Inc. which is an American corporation but the hardware is actually “Make in China” that manufactures every Iphone.


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