Is “swach bharat” really possible?

Although I respect the pledge to not litter, I’ve to say that it is plain superficial. India is not dirty just because people litter. India is dirty because”

1. Lack of public bins – Let’s accept that India just doesn’t have enough public bins. So most end up throwing on roadsides.

2. Overflowing public bins – Because of (1), whichever public bins are there are overflowing.

3. Underpaid Understaffed cleaning department – Even if you throw only at bins, there’s no one to dispose this waste. People who are working are played less, there’s human scavenging.

4. No accountability – If the cleaning department isn’t working well, due to plain incompetence, the public can do nothing about it

5. Pathetic Waste disposal – At the end all the waste, whether thrown in house bins, public bins or at roadsides, has to be disposed somewhere! You can’t just disappear it. Due to lack of disposal facilities the waste keeps getting accumulated as a small hill making the nearby localities un-livable.

6. Negligent fines for people who litter – That’s a must.

Good that you won’t throw on roadsides. Good that you’d publicly pledge that (cool, eh). But don’t expect that to bring cleanliness in India unless YOU push for reforms in the way garbage is being managed by … the government.


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