हद कर दी “आप” ने – full story of Arvind – yogendra yadav and prashant bhushan.

What I’ve known so far:
1. Yogendra Yadav wanted AAP to contest LS polls which AK was not in favour of, which it did and failed miserably(according to most people; though for me, it was quite an achievement as it still got more seats than what BJP got in its first election)
and then he didn’t even take responsibility of the defeat! Kejriwal did all the apologising to the people!
2.They didn’t really compaign for the Delhi elections and Prashant Bhushanwanted AAP to lose Delhi polls! He wanted to make YY the convener! He also asked NRIs to not give donations to AAP. His father has long been making remarks against AK without any sound reason!
3.They had issues about candidate choice which were to be cleared by AAP’s internal Lokpal. That means they had no respect for that lokpal’s decisions?
4.Yogendra Yadav leaks letters in media and made it all public and then asks others to not do public spatting!
5.They have been constantly raising issues about internal democracy and of AAP being a party of one individual but I don’t get where’s that? Every decision they take is through voting by members, including the recent NE meeting! They make remarks without any bases/proofs!

It seems to me that their personal ambitions have become of greater interest to them than the party’s interests!
They should have resigned from the party if they had any self respect left!


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