What is happening in AAM AADMI PARTY? written by shubham bansal.

This was the party which thrashed BJP 67-3 in the recent Delhi elections. This was the party that seemed like the sweetheart of the masses once again. This was the party that stood firm on its ideals and morals. But life isn’t good if it isn’t dramatic.

One fine day over your cup of tea you see the headlines broken with the words, “Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav thrown out from the PAC of AAP.” Then started the rounds of allegations. AAP was divided into groups, into irreconcilable factions.

Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai, Kumar Vishwas and Co. say that PB and YY were trying to defeat AAP in the elections. They drove away potential donors, discouraged the volunteers and did not even wish the party on their historic win.


YY and PB say these morals, these codes are a bad joke, dropped at the slightest signs of danger. They were ousted because of their demand to remove Arvind Kejriwal, the current Delhi CM as the Convenor of AAP, keeping in line with the party’s ideology of “One man, one position”. The problems seem never-ending with Ashish Khetan having joined the bandwagon on their side and claiming that the party is autocratic.

If this was not less, there’s more chaos.

The anarchy was already there, order was seemingly upset and here we have this.


Arvind Kejriwal was blamed by his party’s ex-MLA Rajesh Garg of having been supportive of breaking Congress members towards the AAP after the 2013 Delhi elections by releasing a recorded telephonic conversation. Today another sting that came out shows Arvind Kejriwal as being divisive.

And Arvind Kejriwal is out there in Bangalore getting treatment for his long-standing diseases. Arvind wants us to think that if he is away, he has no hand in all this. He wants us to think that if he is away, things will get back on track themselves.

Mr Arvind Kejriwal, you were the Superman of millions, the Roman Magsaysay awardee, the brilliant administrator from the IAC days and the mastermind behind AAP’s then-alternative politics. This party needs you, your supporters need you, your detractors need you. The country wants answers, Delhi needs answers.

You always claimed that party as an organisation and party as the government can not exist separately and today you want us to believe the opposite. Today we do not know how to believe, whom to believe. Today you have turned your back on us and have left the city burning.

I however think there is something more to this. Rajesh Garg is the same MLA who for the last 1 year had been claiming that Congress people had been contacting him to buy AAP’s MLAs. Why was he silent till now? Was he lying? Why is the sudden rift in the party apparent from all sides.

There are a million question, a million doubts and other countless pinned hopes. If AAP doesn’t come clean, they will have hurt all other future movements, all the dreams of the Young India, the smiles of an optimist and the aspirations of a common man. AAP will have done a lot more and their future performance in Delhi will not suffice for the things the party has seen now.

We have seen parties breaking, parties making, parties mudslinging and celebrating but after winning, a party getting berserk is unheard of.

I think AAP has found its push. Will they find their Batman?

Only Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “What is happening in AAM AADMI PARTY? written by shubham bansal.

  1. ur article was good but a little suggestion.try to improve ur standard of english.no offence but i am quite sure that u r from a govt run school.i can see that u r working hard..but u r using many words in wrong context.


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