INDIA’s DAUGHTER – if you have not seen documentary yet , then read here.

Eyes swollen, Heart pumping unusually, and I finished the one hour long documentary.

It simply needs a human to be curious about knowing the opinions of those people involved, the victim’s parents, the rapists, their parents, their lawyers and other ones. The things that shuddered me hard were the statements made by the illiterate rapists and so called fully-literate lawyers of them. I wish everyone could know the nonsense statements they have made.

The rapist quoted,
“A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 PM at night. A girl is far more responsible than a boy.
Boy and girl are not equal”

“A female is like a diamond. Don’t put them into roads, a dog will surely snatch it away.” This was the statement by his lawyer.

Now first of all, how come some rapists and murderers in such a brutal case, should get a lawyer? And secondly, you are yourself calling your clients those dogs which you mentioned? Then let those strayed dogs be punished, sir.

Further he said,
“In our traditional India society, we never allow a girl to go out after 6:30 PM.”

Seriously? On what ground are you creating a time limit for the days of one complete sex of our country?

“You say that the boy she was with was her friend. You are talking about a man and a woman as friends. Sorry that doesn’t have any place in our society.”

“We have the best culture in the world. And in our culture there is no place for women.”

No place for women? You exist in this world because of a woman. You talk about Indian cultures, take out and read the volumes which founded our culture, on every single page of them, you will find respect for those women, whom you want to exclude from the culture. You sir, please do not spit in our own house or rather leave it.

“This incident had have to happen, mainly to teach them a lesson.”, the rapist said.

The lawyer,
Upon being asked about pulling ‘something’ out of her body (her intestines),
“He would like to create a damage. He will put his hand… Insert, hit! Putting his hand forcefully inside. It was his right.”

This was simply epic coming out of the lawyer’s mouth,
“If my daughter or sister, engaged in pre-maritial activities by doing such things like going out for movies, I would most certainly would take her to my farmhouse I would put petrol on her and set her alight.”

And this one is a suggestion for the girls who are to be raped in future.
“She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her after ‘doing her’ and only hit the boy.”

This is a powerful film. I don’t know why Government of India banned it to be shown on national media but it’s available on youtube under the name ‘BBC storyville India‘s Daughter

I can’t help myself forgetting the words by her mother,
“The last line she said to me, ‘Sorry mommy, I gave you so much trouble, I am sorry.’ The sound of her breathing stopped and the lines on the monitor flattened.”


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