Beef Ban in Maharashtra.

Dear readers,
The recent ban is nothing new. It had been tabled way back in 1996 to the then President, Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma. The current President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee passed it recently.
The bill had been tabled by BJP/Shiv Sena led state government back then. There have been a number of governments that have come and gone since then at the center. There was the one led by Shri Atal Behari Vajpayeeji. Then there was one by Shri Deve Gowdaji. Then came the Mr. Manmohan Singh led one.
The state governments too saw many changes. From a Shiv Sena led on to the Congress ruled one. The bill never got attention and was thus never approved.
Today, it did.

Who did it?
The President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Who got it done?
The State government of Maharashtra (apparently). NOT the Central Government.

Could the President have still ignored it?

Would it be possible that the next state government, formed by another party, makes an election-time promise to get the bill passed and gets it done?
Maybe/ Maybe Not.

Could a future President pass the bill without anyone reminding him to do so?
Maybe/Maybe Not.

Does it take away people’s freedom of choosing food (strictly in Maharashtra) in any way?
Not really. A complete ban on killing all forms of animals, including chicken, pigs, sheep, goats, fish, etc would make a hell lot of difference. Almost all restaurants in Maharashtra (a major source of consumption) stopped serving bull /bullock meat and were serving only buffalo meat, which is pretty much still available. The recent bill will only prevent killing during festivities as well, some of which are quite regional.

Does this issue have a communal angle?
Only if people make it out to be. A complete list of all the types of slaughter bans across the various states would give you a clear picture that preserving animal life is nothing new in our country. Many states have a complete ban on all forms of slaughter of agricultural cattle. Delhi even has a ban on import/export of them.

Why are we making an issue out of it?
Because finally, people are participating in the governance of the nation. We are no more tied down by the gloominess that has been associated with politics and political debates. We, as people are becoming more aware of our rights and want to be involved in all the policy making and decisions that affect a majority of our lives. Until the past 2-3 years, none of us would have even paid attention to it. The bill might have got passed and no one would have even realized it. But now, every thing matters, every one matters; because the central government made us believe that


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