Main points of the RAIL BUDGET 2015-16 of Suresh prabhu.

Here are some of the important features of the budget:

# Now you can book your train tickets 120 days in advance.

# After increasing fares to over 14% last year, Prabhu doesn’t tinker with rail fares.

# Introducing ‘Operation 5-minute’ to ensure ticketless passenger get regular ticket within five minute of entering station.

# SMS alert service to be introduced on train arrival/ departure.

# More general coaches will be added to benefit the aam aadmi.

4 goals :-

1)Improve customer service
2)Safer travel
3)Modernize infrastructure
4)Financially self sustainable railway
Good budget! No public impeachment! It’s Indian rail budget! Focus on system and process improvements! That’s what needed,

Answer for why no new trains introduce in this budget:-
Not like congress that only keep doing BIG promises but never fulfill it. its better to not promise which they can not fulfill.


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