What is land acquisition bill ? #Top_Trending_Topic



source abp news
source abp news

Now let me explain by using simple language

Govt. — I will buy your land.
Farmer — I don’t want to sell.
Govt. — That’s not your choice because we think this land is required for industrial project for XYZ company.
You — OK then how much will u pay me.
Govt. — 15 lakhs/hector.
You — That is too little.
Govt. — That’s not your choice.
You — I will not sell

One week later, police comes & throws you out of your own house.
Now you want file a case in the court. And the Court says, you need “Govt.” permission to file this case since new “Land Acquisition Bill” doesn’t permit you to go to court .

“Suppose someone walks into your house and tells you that the place where you have spent all your life is needed for setting up a factory. You might say, “No, thank you, I am not interested.” Suppose he turns around and tells you that this is not a matter of choice. He has decided that your house will be more useful for something other than your living there. There are orders in larger public interest, he tells you. “What exactly will you build here? And how will it serve the country?” you ask, but are told that this is none of your business.
Now that you know you have no choice, you are thinking about the price. You don’t need to bother, he tells you: I will decide what price is to be paid for the house that you did not want to sell in the first place!
This is not a nightmare. This is routine in the world of Indian farmers. Ordinary farmers who do not know the Constitution or their fundamental rights, about Section 4 and Section 9.


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